Detasseling Corn

Detasseling corn is a tedious process and the consequences of not properly detasseling a field can hurt your yields and profits. Thankfully, McNeill Labor Management has experienced crews that can detassel your field effectively. McNeill Labor Management specializes in the detasseling of corn throughout the country. We can provide the labor, transportation and housing necessary for a detasseling crew to come to you.

Each stalk of corn can produce 1-3 ears of corn. Corn is pollinated from the “Tassel” dropping pollen on the silks of each ear of corn. For some methods of production, the tassel is removed from each stalk of corn in a process called “detasseling”. This prevents further pollination from the stalk of corn where pollination is not desired.

In order to detassel, each individual tassel must be removed and although it is possible to detassel with machinery, the most effective way to detassel is by hand. Detasseling is a very labor intensive process but one that McNeill Labor Management is familiar with. So if you need detasseling services, please contact McNeill Labor for a price quote.